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Lockdown Slimdown - International Men's Day

International Men's Day is a global event to raise awareness around discrimination and men's health.

Jonathan Edwards made contact with us right at the start of the pandemic, we are so how proud his achievement we wanted to share his story.

Jonathan's weight loss journey

It was during my student days that the weight really piled on, it wasn't until I approached forty I was determined to do something about it. I didn't like how I looked, both facially and physically. I decided that something had to change. Apart from anything else, I had become obese and knew that if I didn't lose over three stone I would be in trouble later on in life health-wise.

One 2 One Support

After researching a variety of diets, I stumbled across The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Diet. The plan appeared to be simple to follow and although I was initially quite sceptical that it would do what it said on the tin. The meals that were on offer as part of the diet did in fact contain food I liked!

So I thought I would crack on with it and see if I could shed all the weight. The plan was very simple to follow and I was assigned a personal weight loss coach/consultant who not only explained the nutritional value of each diet, they also kindly offered me support online to monitor and check my progress on a weekly basis.

Alison and Marcus explained that if I were to follow a strict 800 calorie a day regime, the weight would almost certainly come off every week. Lo and behold it did, and I was losing up to four pounds a week in weight!! Both of them understood my stress about losing weight and the fact I had to lose quite a lot. I liked Alison's direct and clear approach, she held me to account offering good advice as to when to eat. Setting me weekly weight loss targets, which really helped. I started on Step 2 and gradually worked down to Step 3. It was so easy to use and I enjoyed all the meals and they were very filling.

Time to get fit

During the first lockdown I decided to take up walking. Not just a stroll but really long walks! At one point I was walking up to three hours a day, seven days a week which also helped me lose the excess weight. This inspired me to do a sponsored walk of thirteen miles in memory of my grandmother. The money raised went to the fantastic charity - The South Bucks Hospice

By the time I reached my goal weight, I not only looked a lot better, but I also felt a lot more content. I bought a load of new clothes which are two sizes down!!

My life has changed only for the better, my BMI was 31 and now it is a very healthy 24.9. Previously I was 15 stone 12lbs now I am a healthy 12 stone 10lbs.

I would highly recommend The 1:1 Cambridge Diet, it worked for me and it's never too late to get healthy.

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