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As well as live online classes you can also take your classes wherever you go.

To help you to continue to enjoy the classes you love I have created these on demand videos that you can enjoy whenever and wherever you want.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Active with Ali

5 x 35-minute bite-size downloadable videos 


One of the secrets to better health is regular physical activity. Active with Ali on-demand classes with Alison are a great way to keep fit at home. Suitable for beginners or active exercisers.

Always check with your GP before starting a new exercise regime.​ By taking part in this online fitness class neither Better Bodies nor Alison Bailey can be responsible or liable for injuries or damage resulting from participating in this on demand class using this on demand delivery method.


Better Heart Health 


Getting in a cardio workout a few times a week has health benefits your body will thank you for. Alison will show you how you can adapt this workout to suit you - from low to medium or high impact. Not only will you improve your cardiovascular system but you will burn a few calories too. 


Approx 35mins

Video 1 - Better Heart Health - Cardio
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Better Balance for Life

Balance is something many of us take for granted, but everyone can benefit from improving it. Balance exercises strengthen core muscles and improve stability, making you lighter on your feet and less likely to fall. This video will teach you to use your core and other muscles for stabilization.


Approx 35mins