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COVID-19 and visiting Better Bodies

Dear All

We are excited to say that we are reopening our manual therapies and hands on services from Monday 13th July but naturally things will be different for a while. Please take a moment to read this page.


Hygiene has always been important to us and we have taken extra measures around the clinic. As you walk into the clinic there will be a station where you can apply anti-bacterial gel and collect a mask should you not have one.

We have increased our regular spraying and wiping of all frequently touched areas throughout the day as an additional precaution. These include the doorbells, door handles, taps, equipment and all flat surfaces.

In addition to the regular cleaning of our treatment couches we have also removed the couch covers as an extra precaution.

Scheduling an appointment

You can now schedule an appointment by calling us directly or emailing us.

Personal Protective Equipment

We are following all guidelines set by government and our professional associations.

– Masks will be worn during manual therapies due to the close proximity of patients and practitioners.

– Gloves may or may not be worn but hands and forearms are washed thoroughly before and after each appointment if gloves are not worn.

– Plastic aprons will be worn during all manual therapies

Remote consultations

We have been advised that our insurance covers us for remote consultations and this is something that we can provide if you require it.

Due to the remote nature of the consultations it obviously means we cannot provide hands-on treatments, however we are still able to offer advice, exercise prescriptions, self care advice or anything else we would normally be able to provide that doesn’t involve hand-on techniques.

Our remote consultations can be done via Zoom or telephone and they will be chargeable at our normal rate.


We continue to accept card payments as well as cash.

Online Classes

Alison's online FLexercise classes continue to be delivered online at this time. We also have ongoing Tai Chi classes and a new Stretch & Strengthen class coming soon. If you would like any details of the classes please email us.

Do you have any other concerns?

If there is anything at all that you are concerned about over the coming weeks please feel free to send us an email or give us a call. We are always happy to help in any way we can. Thank you for your time.

Stay well, stay safe

Marcus & Alison


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