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Better Bodies - one stop body shop

Hello - I am Alison the owner of Better Bodies

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope that my experience and knowledge will help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals.

I offer a range of different exercise classes and packages depending on your health and fitness goals. I also see clients on a one to one basis supporting them with their weight loss journey using The 1:1 Diet Plan.

Our often-busy lifestyles cause us to ignore one of the most important parts of our lives – taking care of our bodies and ourselves. By carefully tailoring your diet, lifestyle, and daily exercise regimen using better-bodies principles, you can regain the vitality and longevity which so often escapes us.

I believe that in order to achieve these results all aspects of your health and lifestyle need to be considered. However, we are all different so the services I offer can l be tailored to suit individual needs.

I have a great passion for health and wellbeing and want to pass on my skills and education. My aim is for you to feel comfortable and welcome when coming to see me, but importantly I want you to feel motivated to work with me so that you achieve better health physically, mentally and emotionally. I will give you the knowledge of how and why so you have the power to be in control of your own health and wellbeing journey.

If you aren’t sure what service you need, that’s ok, simply call me and have a chat we can figure out what you need together.


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Mark Orriss
Mark Orriss
13 sept 2019

This is great...

Me gusta
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