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Are Supplements Worth Buying?

A few weeks ago, I read an article about Supplements and the stores that sell them.

The article mentioned 4 out of 5 tested supplements from major high street stores contained none of the listed supplements on the label. Yes, it’s true.

It also said that in many cases the supplements

from these stores contained little more than cheap fillers!

Although this was an American article, I’m afraid the same is true in the UK, particularly in the major high street health food stores.

Think about it, these stores are selling supplements in huge quantities at cheap prices! We’ve all seen the offers for buy one get one free and such like!

If you were one of those stores how would you be able to sustain such cheap prices? By reducing the quality of ingredients or the amount of ingredient per supplement you could reduce your costs and increase your profits.

I believe if you buy cheap supplements, you’re going to get inferior products. That’s not saying that expensive supplements are any better but if they are less mass produced then that is a good sign.

How can you be sure you are getting what you pay for?

There is a set of minimum standards that must be met for medicines to be produced called the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). It is not compulsory for supplement manufacturers to meet these standards as they are only for medicines and veterinary medicines.

However, the really good supplement manufacturers will ensure their products meet these standards or are produced in GMP certified facilities.

So, when researching a brand of supplements or a supplement company, have a look on their website to see what they say about the quality of their supplements. The good ones will tell you they comply with GMP guidelines.

Insert picture of lab/bottles/experiments

The poor-quality suppliers, stores or brands will tell you that their supplements are “produced to the highest quality” but not mention GMP anywhere!

Makes you wonder doesn’t it!

Can I suggest a better alternative?

Yes, I can! I am delighted to recommend a company I trust and use for my Vitamins, minerals, probiotics and supplements and am an official distributor for.

What makes them so special?

Cytoplan Ltd. is British owned and an independent charitable foundation. They are not constrained by the typical commercial pressures for profit, or conflicting issues of parental ownership that afflict many companies in the marketplace.

They provide a genuinely unique range of supplements comprising Food State™ and Wholefood vitamins and minerals.

Thousands of health professionals are using their products in the UK - and around the world

Leaders in food-based supplementation

Founded and run by health practitioners

All Cytoplan products are manufactured in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facilities.

So how can I order from Cytoplan?

Just go to or better still give us a call and discuss your needs we maybe able to help you with a personalised plan.

Read my blog "Should you be taking supplements" for more information as to what I recommend.

Need more help? Call us now! We are happy to help. 07594 072500

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